Residents Associations

For a very good map in progress: see David Topping's Map




CORRA-Confederation of Resident & Ratepayer Associations in Toronto Inc. 


Toronto Map It page


Torontopedia List of Residents 




Federation of Urban Neighbourhoods FUN


Terry Mills list


Wikipedia list of neighbourhoods in Toronto


Ward Maps


Ward 1 - Etobicoke North - Councillor Vincent Crisanti  (Ward 1 Map)


(inquired Nov. 25, 2011)


Thistletown Ratepayers Association


Ward 2 - Etobicoke North - Councillor Doug Ford (Ward 2 Map)


(inquired Nov. 25, 2011)


Ward 3Etobicoke Centre - Councillor Doug Holyday


Markland Wood Homeowners Association 


Ward 4 - Etobicoke Centre - Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby


Humber Valley Village Residents Association


Islington Residents and Ratepayers Association (Area: between Kipling and Islington, between Rathburn and the railway tracks to Dundas Street West)


Thorncrest Homes Association Inc. (Area: between Islington and Kipling, north of Rathburn)


Princess Anne Manor 


Ward 5Councillor Peter Milcyzn  (Ward 5 Map)


Islington Residents Ratepayers Association


Kingsway Park Ratepayers Inc.


Kingsway Residents Against Poor Planning (KRAPP)


Queensway Residents Association  (Boundary Map)


Thompson Orchard Community Association (TOCA)


West Kingsway Ratepayers Association (WKRA)


The Kingsway BIA

Village of Islington BIA (location)


Ward 6 - Etobicoke Lakeshore - Mark Grimes (Ward 6 Map)


Alderwood Residents Association


Humber Bay Shores Condominium Association  (Area)


Long Branch Residents Association


Mimico Residents Association (Area: Lake Ontario to the south, Park Lawn Road to the east, Dwight Avenue or Ourland Avenue to the west, and the Q.E.W. / Gardiner Expressway to the north.)


New Toronto Good Neighbours (Area: Lake Ontario to the south, with a western boundary of Twenty-Third Street (south of Lake Shore Blvd. West) and the mid-point between Twenty-Second and Twenty-Fourth Streets (north of Lake Shore Blvd. West), the Canadian National Railways mainline to the north, and Dwight Avenue to the east.)


Residents Association of South Long Branch



Ward 7 - York West - Georgio Mammoliti (Ward 7 Map)


inquiry Dec 18, 2011


Ward 8 - York West - Anthony Perruzza  (Ward 8 Map)


inquiry Dec 18, 2011


Ward 9 - York Centre - Maria Augimeri (Ward 9 Map


ntd: search web for contact info:


Downsview Lands Community Voice


Anthony Community Association (Area: Wilson & Dufferin)


Ancaster Ratepayers


Ward 10 - York Centre - James Pasternak (Ward 10 Map)


inquiry Dec 18, 2011


Ward 11 - York South-Weston - Frances Nunziata (Ward 11 Map)


inquiry Dec 18, 2011


Weston Ratepayers and Residents Association WRRA (Lawrence Ave West and Weston Road)


West Toronto (Upper Junction) (Map, Area: CNR corridor in the east, Runnymede Road in the west, the CPR corridor in the south, and the Lavender Creek ravine and hydro corridor in the north.)


Ward 12 - York South-Weston - Frank Di Giorgio (Ward 12 Map)


inquiry Dec 18, 2011


Jane-Falstaff Community Association (Area: Jane & 401)



Ward 13 - Parkdale-High Park - Sarah Doucette (Ward 13 Map)


Bloor West Village Residents' Association (Area: the east side of Jane Street to the west side of Quebec Avenue and from the north side of Bloor Street to the south side of Annette Street) 


High Park Residents Association (Map, Area: The original HPRA catchment is located east of the park, and is bounded by Parkside Drive, High Park Boulevard, Roncesvalles Avenue / Dundas West, and Bloor Street. In 2009, the HPRA expanded to include the area north of the park, bounded by Clendenan Avenue, Humberside Avenue, Keele Street, and Bloor Street.)


The Junction Residents Association (Map, Area: the railroad tracks on the north, Keele Street on the east, Runnymede Road on the west, and on the south by Humberside Avenue from Keele to Quebec Avenue, and by Annette Street from Quebec to Runnymede.)


Swansea Area Ratepayers Association (Map Area: Bloor, High Park, The Lake, Humber River)


Ward 14 - Parkdale-High Park - Gord Perks


associations in Ward 14


High Park Residents Association (Map, Area: The original HPRA catchment is located east of the park, and is bounded by Parkside Drive, High Park Boulevard, Roncesvalles Avenue / Dundas West, and Bloor Street. In 2009, the HPRA expanded to include the area north of the park, bounded by Clendenan Avenue, Humberside Avenue, Keele Street, and Bloor Street.)


Parkdale Residents' Association (Map, Area: Roncesvalles Avenue to Dufferin Street, South to the lake and North to Pearson Avenue, Macdonell to the railway tracks and back to Dufferin Street.)


Roncesvalles-Macdonell Residents' Association (Map, between Roncesvalles and Landsdowne, between Howard Park & Dundas St. West and Queens St. W.)


Sunnyside Community Association (Area: High Park Boulevard to the lake between Roncesvalles Avenue and Parkside Drive)


West Bend Community Association (Area: Bounded by Keele Street on the west, Bloor Street on the south and the railway line on the east and north)


Roncesville Village BIA


Ward 15 - Eglinton-Lawrence - Josh Colle (Ward 15 Map)


inquiry Dec 18, 2011


5 Points Community Action (Map, Area: Oakwood Village)


Ward 16 - Eglinton-Lawrence - Karen Stintz (Ward 16 Map)


inquiry made Dec. 21


Avenue Road & Eglinton Community Association (Map Area: on the south by Eglinton Ave. (north side) on the east by Yonge Street (west side) on the west by Chaplin Crescent (east side) on the north by St. Clements Ave. from Chaplin to Avenue Rd. and Roselawn Ave. from Avenue Rd. to Yonge St.)


Bedford Park Residents' Association (Area: north of Lawrence Avenue and east of Avenue Road. The northern boundary is Brooke Avenue on the West side of Yonge, and Snowdon Avenue to the east of Yonge. The eastern boundary is Ronan Avenue.) 


Lytton Park Residents' Organization LPRO (Area: Yonge St, Avenue Rd, Lawrence Avenue and Roselawn Avenue)


South Armour Heights Residents' Association (Area: between East side of Avenue Road, West side of Yonge Boulevard, South of the 401, South side

of Brooke Avenue and on the streets intersecting with Brooke Avenue between Avenue Road and Yonge Boulevard)


Ward 17 - Davenport - Cesar Palacio (Ward 17 Map)


inquiry Dec 21


Carleton-Davenport Village Residents Association (Map, Area: St. Clair Avenue West to the north, the CP Rail tracks to the south, Caledonia to the east, Old Weston Road to west)


Connaught-Lonsmount Area Ratepayers Association (CLARA)


? Davenport Neighbourhood Association


Northcliffe Village Residents' Association (Map, Area: Between Dufferin & Lauder, between St. Clair Ave. W. and Rosecliffe)


Regal Heights Residents' Association (Map, Area: Dufferin St., St. Clair Ave., Winona Drive and Davenport Rd.)


St Clair West Residents' Association (Area: Dufferin to Winona, Rogers to St. Clair)


Ward 18 - Davenport - Ana Bailão (Ward 18 Map)


Active 18


Friends of Dufferin Grove Park


Carlton Park People's Auxilary


Friends of Dovercourt Park


Green Here


Brockton Neighbours


South Junction Triangle


Queen Beaconsfield Residents Association


South Perth and Sterling Resident Association


Dig In


Ward 19 - Trinity-Spadina - Mike Layton (Ward 19 Map)


Christie Pits Residents' Association (formerly CORA) (Area: Dupont, Harbord, Ossington & Christie or Grace)


Friends of Fort York 


Liberty Village (Area: Strachan, Dufferin, King St. W. and teh Gardiner Expressway)


Niagara Neighbourhood Now (NNN) (Map, Area: west of bathurst, south of King Street, east of Shaw and north of thet railway tracks)


Ossington Village (Area: Ossington between Dundas St. W. and Queen St. W.)


Palmerston Area Residents’ Association (Area: Bloor St. West, Bathurst , King & Ossignton)


Queen St. West Residents Association (Area: Queen St. between Bathurst and Euclid)


Trinity Bellwoods Community Association (Area: College, bathurst, King and Ossington)


Ward 20 - Trinity-Spadina -  Councillor Adam Vaughan (Ward 20 Map)


harvest his map page


Annex Residents' Association


Bathurst Quay Neighbourhood Association (Map, Area: from Stadium Road to Spadina, and from Lake Shore Boulevard south to Lake Ontario) 


Grange Community Association (GCA)


Harbord Village Residents Association (Area: Between College & Bloor; Spadina & Bathurst)


Harbourfront Community Association 


Huron Sussex Residents Organization 


King Spadina Residents Association KSRA (Area: King & Spadina)


Seaton Village Resident’s Association


Ward 21 - St. Paul's - Joe Mihevc (Ward 21 Map)


requested Jan. 2, 2012


map of projects in his ward


Wychwood Barns Community Association 


? Wychwood Residents' Association (area: West of Bathurst, north of Davenport)


Ward 22 - St. Paul's - Josh Matlow (Ward 22 Map)


residents associations from Josh Matlow's site


Ardwold Gate Ratepayers Association


Brentwood Towers Tenants' Association (17-25 Lascelles Blvd.)


Castle Hill Neighbourhood Association (Map, Area: Kendal Avenue on the west, MacPherson Avenue on the south, Davenport Road on the north and Spadina Road on the east.)


Deer Park Resident's Group


Eglinton Park Residents Association


Forest Hill Homeowners' Association


Foxbar Neighbourhood Association


? Humewood Neighbourhood Ratepayers (Area: Southwest of Eglinton & Bathurst) 


? North Hill District Homeowners Association (Area: North of St. Clair west of Avenue Road)


Oriole Park Association (Map, Area: the residential triangle of Eglinton, Chaplin Cres., and Yonge Streets)


Sherwood Park Residents' Association (Map Area: Between Yonge & Bayview; between Eglinton Ave. E. & Blythewood ravine park & Mt. Hope Cemetary)


? South Hill District Homeowners Association (Map, Area: west of Avenue Road, south of St. Clair Avenue, east of Spadina Road, and north of the Canadian Pacific railway tracks) 


Summerhill Residents' Association  


Rathnelly Area Ratepayers Association (Map, Area: Macpherson Avenue on the south, to Poplar Plains Cresent on the north, to the west side of Avenue Road on the east, to the east side of Poplar Plains Road on the west.)


South Eglinton Ratepayers' and Residents' Association (SERRA)


Ward 23 - Willowdale - John Filion (Ward 23 Map)


his layered map


Edithvale - Yonge Community Association


Lansing Community Association


SOS (South of Sheppard) Preservation Group


West Lansing Homeowners Association WLHA (Map, Area: between Yonge Street and the Don Valley ravine, between the 401 and Sheppard)


Willowdale Central Ratepayers' Association


Ward 24 - Willowdale - David Shiner (Ward 24 Map)


requested Jan. 2, 2012


Bayview Village Association (Map, Area: Sheppard Avenue on the south, Finch avenue on the north, Bayview Avenue on the west and the East Don River on the east.)


Silverview Homeowners' Association (Map, Area: WEST - the centre line of Yonge Street; NORTH - both sides of Cummer Avenue from Yonge to Willowdale, EAST - both sides of Willowdale Ave

and includes Harnish Cres and Revcoe Dr., South - both sides of Pemberton from Willowdale to Yonge.


Willowdale N.E. Neighbourhood Association (Area: Steeles on the north, Vic Park on the east, Bayview on the west and Finch on the south.)


Ward 25 - Don Valley West - Jaye Robinson (Ward 25 Map)


Jaye Robinson's list


Bayview-Blythwood Ratepayers’ Association


The Bedford Park Residents’ Organization


Don Mills Residents Inc. (Area: Don Mills and Lawrence Ave. East)


Edwards Gardens Neighbourhood Association (Map Area: Post Road, The Bridle Path, Park Lane Circle)


Glenorchy Residents' Association (Map, Area: between Lawrence Avenue East and Sunnybrook Park; between Park Lane Circle and Edwards Gardens)


Lawrence Park Ratepayers' Association (Map, Area: Lawrence Avenue East, Blythwood Road, Yonge Street and Bayview)


Sherwood Park Residents' Association (Map Area: Between Yonge & Bayview; between Eglinton Ave. E. & Blythewood ravine park & Mt. Hope Cemetary)


St. Andrew's Ratepayers Association (Map, Area: between the 401 and York Mills; between Old Yonge Street and St. Andrew's Park)


Teddington Park Residents Association Inc.


Yonge Ridge Homeowners


York Mills Gardens Community Association


York Mills Ratepayers’ Association


York Mills Valley Association (Area: Hoggs Hollow: Yonge St south of York Mills)


Ward 26 - Don Valley West - John Parker (Ward 26


(inquired Dec. 7, 2011)


Leaside Property Owners' Association


Ward 27 - Toronto Centre - Rosedale - Councillor Krysten Wong Tam (Ward 27 Map)


requested Jan. 2, 2012


ABC Residents Association (Map Area: between Yonge St. & Avenue Road; between CPR tracks and Bloor)


Moore Park Residents Association (Area: between Mt. Pleasant Cemetary & CPR tracks; Mud Creek ravine & David Balfour Park)


North Rosedale Ratepayers Association (Map Area: Between CPR tracks & North Rosedale ravine; Mount Pleasant & Bayview extension)


South Rosedale Ratepayers Association Toronto (Map Area: Between Yonge and Bayview Extension; between CPR tracks, North Rosedale ravine and Rosedale ravine)


Ward 28 - Toronto Centre-Rosedale - Pam McConnell (Ward 28 Map)


her community website


Cabbagetown South Resident's Association (Map, Area: between Parliament and Sherbourne, Carlton and Shuter Streets)


Corktown Residents and Business Association (Map, Area: Shuter Street to the north, the Don River to the east, the rail corridor to the south, and Berkeley Street to the west)


Don Vale Cabbagetown Residents Association (Map, Area: 


St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association (Map, Area; between Queen St. to the north and the railway tracks to the south, between Yonge and Parliament)


Toronto Islands Community Association


York Quay Neighbourhood Association (YQNA) (Buildings represented)


Ward 29 - Toronto-Danforth - Mary Fragedakis (Ward 29 Map)


requested Jan 2, 2012


Governor’s Bridge Ratepayers Association (Map, Area: south of CPR tracks, west of Bayview)


Ward 30 - Toronto-Danforth - Paula Fletcher (Ward 30 Map)


requested Jan. 2, 2012


Ward 31 - Beaches-East York - Janet Davis (Ward 31 Map)


requested Jan 2, 2012


Danforth East Association of Ratepayers (Area: Coxwell Avenue to Main Street, Mortimer Lumsden to the train tracks)


Danforth East Community Association


Parkview Hills Residents Association (Area: the residential community located to the south of the O’Connor/Bermondsey Business Area)


Topham Park Ratepayers Association


Ward 32 - Beaches-East York - Mary-Margaret McMahon (Ward 32 Map)


(ntd: add links to their websites, if any)

LB-Beach East 


Neville Park 




Beachfront Lakefront Neighbourhood Assn


Kew Beach RA


Toronto Beach Residents Association (T-Bera)


Ward 33 - Don Valley East - Shelley Carroll (Ward 33 Map)


Shelley Carroll's page of residents associations


Bridlebrook Park Homeowner’s Association


Henry Farm Community Interest Association (Map, Area: south of Sheppard Avenue between Leslie Street and Don Mills Road and North of Highway 401)


ParkwayForest Community Association (Area: Sheppard Avenue to the north, Highway 401 to the south, Don Mills Avenue to the west and Highway 404 to the east.)


ShawneePark Community Association (Area: all streets in the neighbourhood surrounding the Shawnee Park: i.e. Apache, Cherokee (north of Finch Ave. East), Hare Gate, Inca, Micmac, Navaho, Nootka, Pawnee, Shawnee Circle, Tuscarora and Yucatan)


Sheppard-Leslie Homeowner’s Association (Map, Area: between Van Horne on the north and Sheppard Ave. on the south, between Leslie St. on the west and Shaughnessy Blvd on the east)



Ward 34 - Don Valley East - Denzil Minnan-Wong (Ward 34


(ntd: look for websites and add links)


Don Valley East Residents and Ratepayers Inc. (RACA)


Don Mills Residents Incorporated (DMRI)


O'Connor Hills Ratepayers Inc.


Victoria Village Ratepayers Association (VVCA)


Ward 35 - Scarborough - Southwest Michelle Berardinetti (Ward 35 Map)


requested Jan. 2, 2012


Ward 36 - Scarborough - Southwest Gary Crawford (Ward 36 Map)


inquiry made Dec 11/11


Fairmount Community Association


Ward 37 - Scarborough Centre - Michael Thompson (Ward 37 Map)


Maryvale Community Association (MCA) 


Midland Park Community Association (MPCA)


Ward 38 - Scarborough Centre - Glenn De Baeremaeker (Ward 38 Map)


requested Jan. 2, 2012


Ward 39 - Scarborough-Agincourt - Mike Del Grande (Ward 39 Map)


requested Jan. 2, 2012


Heathwood Ratepayers Association (Map, Area: McNichol to Steeles between Kennedy and Birchmount)


Ward 40 - Scarborough Agincourt - Norm Kelly (Ward 40 Map)


requested Jan. 2, 2012


Ward 41 - Scarborough-Rouge River - Chin Lee (Ward 41 Map)


CD Farquharson Association Alex King


Goldhawk Community Association


Richmond Park Community Association


Port Royal Neighbourhood Watch


Alton Towers Community Association


Milliken Park Community Association


Brimley Forest Community Association


Rosewood Taxpayers Association


Ward 42 - Scarborough-Rouge River - Raymond Cho (Ward 42 Map)


requested Jan. 2, 2012


Ward 43 - Scarborough East - Paul Ainslie (Ward 43 Map)


community associations (Paul Ainslie's page)


Cedar Ridge (Area: the single family residential area south of Lawrence, east of Markham, north of the railway tracks, west of Highland Creek)


Centennial Community and Recreation Association (map, Area: south of the 401 east of Highland creek on the shores of Lake Ontario)


Curran Hall Community Association (Area: the residential area south of Ellesmere, east of Scarborough Golf Club Road, west of Highland Creek, north of Lawrence)


Guildwood Village Community Association  (Map, Area: the residential area south of Kingston Road, west of Grey Abbey Ravine, east of Bellamy Ravine Creek) 


Coronation Community Association of West Hill (Map, Area: the residential area north of Kingston Road, west of Morningside Rd.  south of Morningside Park, east of Galloway Road)


Highland Creek Community Association (Map, Area)


Mornelle Court Resident's Action Coalition


Our Kingston Galloway / Orton Park Community (Map, Area: Scarborough Golf Club Road, east to Manse Road, north to just north of Ellesmere and south to the railway tracks south of Kingston Road)


(The) Residents Rising Community Association (Area: Kingston/Galloway/Lawrence & Morningside)


? Seven Oaks (Area: the residential area north of Ellesmere, east of Highland Creek, west of Morningside, south of Highway 401) 


West Rouge Community Association (Area: 


Ward 44 - Scarborough East - Ron Moeser (Ward 44 Map)


requested Jan. 2, 2012





Edithvale Yonge Residents' Association

South of Sheppard Preservation Group Inc.

Ripley Area Residents Group

? Davenport Shaw Residents Association

Earlscourt Youth Centre

Hillcrest Residents' Association

Regal Heights Residents' Association

St Clair West Residents' Association

St Clair West Village Residents' Association

Village at York Residents Association VAYRA





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